Follow my step by step guide to complete a floral wreath using Gouache. Gouache is an amazing painting medium and has the consistency that is in between watercolour and acrylic paints.

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  • Eraldo di Paolo Gouache Colour: Yellow Ochre, Crimson, Prussian Blue, White
  • Mossery Watercolor Spiral Notebook
  • Paintbrush: Eraldo di Paolo size 3 and 6 round brush
  • Jar of water
  • Mixing Palatte
  • Grey lead pencil

Step 1:

  • Use a grey lead pencil and lightly draw a “U” shape.
  • Firstly, paint a red 5 point flower at the base of the “U” shape.
  • Paint 2 other 5 point flowers beside the red flower .
  • Paint 2 more flowers on the top end of the “U” shape.

Step 2:

  • Add 2 more orange 5 point flowers underneath the red flowers.
  • Using the green gouache paint, add in simple leaves.
  • Hint: You can outline a football shape and fill in the shape with green to make a leaf. Alternatively you can use 2 brush strokes to form a leaf shape.

Step 3:

  • Use the green gouache paint and add in branches on either side of the “U” shape.
  • Use the dark blue paint to add in smaller flowers.
  • Use a mustard yellow paint to add in small circles at the top branches.


Step 4:

  • Add in finer details to the yellow circles by painting smaller dots using the red paint.
  • To give your painting more contrast use a light green to add in extra flowers.

Step 5:

  • Allow your paint to dry.
  • Use white paint to add in the centre of the flowers by painting a circle with smaller dots around.

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