Watercolor floral wreath are my absolute favourite to paint. I love the diversity, the colour combinations and how each floral wreath is unique and beautiful in its own way. Every floral wreath deserves a hand lettered quote too. I take you through a very easy step by step guide on how to paint a watercolor floral wreath. I am also excited to announce and share my first YouTube video below.

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Ecoline Liquid Watercolour ink (30mL); Reddish Brown (#422); Forest Green (#656); Prussian Blue (#508); Light Orange (#236)

X-Press It 200gsm Watercolour pad

– X-Press It Paint brushes (sizes 2, 3/16 and 20/6)

– Jar of water

– Circle template (in this tutorial I used a coaster)

Mixing Palatte

Grey lead pencil

Step 1:

Use your circle template to trace a circle in grey lead. This will help guide the shape of your floral wreath.

Step 2:

Paint a rose in the middle of the bottom circle.

To paint a rose start in the middle and work outwards with shades of light and dark. This contrast will give the various layers of petals and shades that are seen in a rose

You can wait till the first rose dries before painting the second rose next to it. In this tutorial I wanted to slightly blend the two colours of each rose (i.e. the red blends slightly with the orange).

Continue painting roses

Remember the beauty about a watercolour floral wreath is that flowers can be painted anywhere. Handy tip: I like to paint roses and botanicals in balance, example, if I paint roses on the right hand side of the wreath I will also do the same on the left.

Step 3:

Continue painting and balancing the botanicals, stems, leaves and flowers.

I find painting one element at a time and repeat the same on the other side of the wreath – when doing so take care with touching the wet paint and dragging it over the page with your hand.

Use various shades and colours of the same colour by diluting the original colour with some water for a lighter tone .

Step 4:

Once you are happy with your floral wreath, wait for a few minutes to allow the paint to dry and then you are ready to start lettering your favourite quote.

Step 5:

This lettering technique is called watercolour brush lettering or watercolour brush blending.

Dip your paintbrush into your colour of choice.

To achieve calligraphy-like-font, on the down strokes place more pressure and on the upstrokes use lighter pressure. (Pressure is in reference to the amount of “pressure” you place when holding your paint brush).

Tip: For various tones use different colours for each letter or slightly washout your original colour to gain a more lighter tone.

Step 6:

Tip: For various tones use different colours for each letter or slightly washout your original colour to gain a more lighter tone.

You are now complete!

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