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Welcome back to my blog and today I will be sharing with you a Gouache Painting Tutorial: How to paint gouache floral patterns. This is a simple, fun and truly therapeutic painting. Create your very own floral pattern and use this for personalised hand made cards or as a design for tote bags, napkins, phone cases and so much more! Follow my step by step tutorial below to create your own easy handprinted cards – perfect for putting a special touch to your gifts.

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Eraldo di Paolo Gouache Colour: Yellow Ochre, Crimson, Prussian Blue, White, Ruby Red

XpressIt 200gsm watercolour paper

Paintbrush: Eraldo di Paolo size 3 and 6 round brush

Jar of water

Paper cutter

Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip Brush Pen

Gouache Painting Tutorial

Step 1:

First off, lets paint a 5 point flower. Start in the middle and work your way up to create a semi circle with a brush stroke. Repeat on the other side to form a petal. Turn your paper around to complete your flower. Keep painting these flowers as much as you want all over your page. A handy hint, use a star shape to form your flower. 

Step 2:

Paint a rose in the middle of the bottom circle.

Next step, add other types of flowers using a different colour. I used a mustard yellow here and simply draw circles and fill the centre. Add these circles all over your page. Use dark blue to paint lines around the yellow circles. These are your petals for another type of flower. 

Step 3:

Add in other types of designs including different coloured dots, different shapes (I chose a banana looking shape here) and finally add in some white paint for the centre of the red five point flower and allow to dry.

Step 4:

I want to make mini cards so i cut the art piece into two.

Gouache Painting Tutorial

Step 5:

Simply hand letter any word on the front. Handy tip is to use a darker coloured marker to allow your words to stand out. 

And here we have a easy hand painted and hand lettered card perfect for a personal touch to any gift.

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