Where do you find inspiration?

Instagram is my creative outlet where I can share my artistic works and engage with the calligraphy/watercolour community. When I first started on this journey, Instagram was my first place for inspiration and from there I was able to learn and try new lettering and watercolor techniques.

What if I am new to calligraphy and watercolor?

If you are new to arts and crafts or new to watercolor and calligraphy, Instagram is the perfect platform to be inspired by others and to find your own creative outlet! I would also encourage you to share your artwork and create a portfolio at your fingertips. It is very daunting to start posting your work online especially when you are first starting out but the arts and craft community is very supportive and would often give you tips and tricks.

What do you like to post on Instagram?

I love posting positive quotes, motivational meanings, and sayings. Collecting meaningful quotes is something so special to me because I want to hand letter these quotes and put my own artistic spin with an aim to bring a smile to someone or to encourage someone or to motivate someone. I love how these quotes are able to make someone’s day a little better.

You can find all my latest work and illustrations on Instagram and make sure to check out all the lates tutorials on my blog.